You can apply for a full refund up to ten working days* after payment has been completed, provided a) the course has not been started if a course was purchased, or b)  none of the courses have been started if a series of courses were purchased.  In this case the courses will be refunded in full, but may be subject to any admin charges applied by PayPal or credit card. *Saturdays, Sundays or UK public holidays are not counted as “working days”.


Displeased with content?

Our aim is for our customer’s expectations to be met and we will make every effort to ensure this. However, our courses provide an overview of each subject, advising what we consider to be the ‘essential’ information, and are therefore priced accordingly. If you are displeased with any content, then we will consider a partial refund on an incomplete series purchase, provided you email us within ten working days of completion. Please provide details of the particular course in question, giving your reasons for not being satisfied. It is unlikely that we are able to offer refunds for single course purchases once they have been completed. *Saturdays, Sundays or UK public holidays are not counted as “working days”.


Applying for Refunds

To apply for a refund please email:

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