Dangerous Goods Awareness Course

Our dangerous goods awareness course is provided instantly online. Completion of the four lesson course is all that is needed to ensure you, or your team members, have a basic DG understanding and meet your legal requirements.

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Dangerous goods awareness is legally required for team members that are involved in the transport and/or handling of dangerous goods, from office and sales staff to transport and warehouse teams.

Our dangerous goods awareness course, provided instantly online, brings team members up to date with all that is needed to ensure your team members have a basic understanding, while meeting your legal requitements.

The course provides an overview of regulations, the recognition of dangerous goods and the hazards that dangerous goods present.

The course is designed in the modern prezi format, and can be taken on multiple devices. Users can work at their own pace and upon completion of a short multiple choice test, DGSA approved certificates can be downloaded online.

Lesson One
Responsibility & Regulations
  • Responsibility
  • Responsibilities
  • Regulations
  • InternationL Regulations
  • Which Regs Apply
Lesson Two
  • Classification
  • Classes 1 & 2
  • Classes 3 & 4
  • Classes 5 & 6
  • Classes 7, 8 & 9
Lesson Three
Labelling & Identification
  • Labelling
  • Limited & Excepted Quantity
  • Identification
  • Packing Groups
  • Safety Data Sheet
Lesson Four
Packaging & Documentation
  • Packaging
  • Types Of Packages
  • Marking & Labelling Packages
  • Documentation
  • Declaration

Multiple Users

For companies requiring multiple users we can offer the following discounts. 2+ Learners 10%

To arrange a multiple learner booking you can email us your user names and their email addresses to info@dgsaservice.com, or you can complete an order form.

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£59.00 + VAT

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