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IMPORTANT:   The features on the website are set around current technology so it is important you ensure your browser is up to date. Please check your broswer is up to date and check our FAQ section before contacting support.

Support Email : info@adlmedia.co.uk


How long does the training last?

Most of our lessons can be read in around 45 minutes. However, allowing for the review section and test, it is advisable to allow at least an hour per lesson.  

Do I get a certificate and who from?

Yes each course provises a certificate which is issued by DGSA Service & Consultancy Ltd

Am I able to access on a mobile or tablet?

Yes, Desktops, Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets and other devices can be used as long as you have internet access and a supported browser.

Can i access offline?

No. Unfortunately this only works with internet access.

What browsers does this support?

Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox are fully supported but it is important to ensure you have the latest version to avoid performance issues.

How do I view my courses?

Once purchased or assigned training, sign in from the account menu item. Then navigate to ‘your courses’, any courses you have been allocated will be viewable.

Do I need sound?

Ideally yes. There is no sound needed for our content but we do often link to youtube videos which may need sound. Sometimes the sound is needed for the video, although the videos are generally support clips that are not essential and you can skip.

How do the tests work?

Each lesson has a multiple choice test at the end. In most cases you will be allowed 5 minutes to answer 10+ multiple choice questions. A 70% pass rate is required to move on to the next lesson. You have five attempts to pass the test. 

TROUBLE SHOOTING - The training is buffering is this normal?

As with any video based web experience there may be some buffering on slower connection speeds or with multiple users. Check whether your system buffers while playing you-tube videos that you haven’t visited before. If you experience long delays in buffering then you need to check your internet connection or consider taking the courses when you have less users on your connection.

TROUBLE SHOOTING - What should I do before contacting support?

The features on the website are set around current technology so it is important you ensure your browser is up to date. Please check this before contacting us. If you are doing this on a work device then you may need to check with your company’s IT department.

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